"The FREE 5 Day Social Media Content Creation Challenge!"

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"Create Powerful Content that Generates Leads & Gains NEW Clients!"

Monday, April 29th - Friday May 3rd 2024

What is Included In This FREE Challenge:
DAILY Coaching
Daily Videos & Coaching on the science of content creation, story telling, and creating powerful content that actually generates leads and gains clients!
Templates & Content Ideas
Gain access to a ton of templates and specific content ideas you can use each day to post engaging videos, blogs and questions that BLOW up your social media!
Generate 100+ Leads
Specific strategies to generate at least 100 QUALITY Leads over the period of this 7 day challenge, to actually book appointments & gain NEW clients

How the Challenge Works...

Once you Register for this FREE Challenge, you will be directed to a thank you page AND ALSO receive an email with an invitation to join the special Facebook VIP group. Within that Facebook Group you will get FREE access to the coaching, templates, resources and other free bonuses.

We will then hold a pre-launch Group Coaching Call to help you set up your content creation plan, then coach you daily and keep you accountable to hitting your target of 100 NEW Leads for the week!

There will also be daily motivation, tasks and smaller challenges along the way. Also feel free to share this on your Facebook and invite online coaches or consultants you know so we can help more people!

About Jason Grossman

Growing up we didn't have much, my mum was a single mum with bi-polar. As a teenager I dropped out of school, was kicked out of home and ended up living on the streets as a heroin addict. The third time I overdosed on heroin I was clinically dead for 3 minutes and that was a massive wake up call.

What got me off the streets was health and fitness. I became a personal trainer and for the better part of a decade it was my passion. But nearly 10 years on I felt I was destined for greater things.

 So I launched my first health and wellness company and by the age of 31 was a self made millionaire (the first time). But after working for 12 years straight no breaks or holidays I burned out. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

As I was unwell in bed I had to think of a way to make money. The only thing I could think of at the time was to lay in bed on my laptop and work out how to make money online. 9 Months later I had built a 7 figure coaching business online. Travelled to 29 countries, ticking off nearly 300 bucket list items, publishing my first book; From the Streets to a Millionaire and much more!

Now After being online for over a decade full time and building 4 x 7 figure online businesses personally and been a part of building over 2000 businesses, I'm in a position to focus my time and energy in helping others do the same. To create an online business that helps others and supports the lifestyle they dream of with financial freedom, contribution and scalability!

Remember your dreams are possible if you have the courage to pursue your dreams, and creating a real business with real sales systems that is scalable is the key!

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Social Media Marketing Planner

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Create Powerful Content that Generates Leads, & Gains NEW Clients!